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I challenge you to pose life-changing questions

I utilize my background in anthropology (user-centered, context-driven, applied research) and fashion (the ability to merge creativity, trend research and commercial business savvy) to help your team or organization do three primary things differently: see, interpret, and innovate.

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IBM Design
Paris d.School
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Invited Speaker

  • “Boundary Spanning”
    Business Innovation Factory, Providence, Rhode Island, Sept. 15, 2016
  • “It’s Not Complicated! Applying Creativity to Navigate Complexity”
  • “Creative Economy- What it Means in the Suburbs” (Panelist)
  • “Leading Through Complexity”
  • “Beauty and Ethics”
  • “Who Gets to Do Design Thinking?”
  • “What We Should Stop Doing Right Now”
  • “Sensemaking Toolbox- New Rules for the Future of Work”
  • Fashion Thinking, Intro to Design Thinking, Prototyping
    European Innovation Academy, Nice, France
  • “The Choreographer as Systems Designer”
  • “The Nudge Imperative”
  • “Design Thinking- An Innovative Approach to Strategic Planning in the Services Industry”.
  • Invited Panelist on Design Thinking for WalMart Conference.
  • “Brand as Voice- Using Design Thinking To Evolve The Brand”.
  • “The Future of Work is Jazz” “New Routes to Innovation”
  • Invited Panelist “The Creative Dedicated Minority- Design Management, Present State”
  • “Thinking for WalMart Conference.”
  • “Brand as Voice- Using Design Thinking To Evolve The Brand”
  • “The Future of Work is Jazz”
  • “New Routes to Inovation”- Invited Panelist
  • “The Creative Dedicated Minority- Design Management, Present State”

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