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3i Creativity™

The 3i Creativity™ is Figure 8 Thinking’s action based methodology to cultivate creativity. Curiosity is the context for all creative action. Intuition, ‪improvisation, and insight are the major components of creativity. They do not occur in a linear order; rather there is an integrative ebb and flow between them. Intuition, or pattern recognition, and improvisation, a chaordic system that values structure and randomness, are critical to ignite the final insight.

Wonder Rigor™

WonderRigor™ is based on research on intuitive leadership, and more specifically, on the ways in which dancer-choreographers are systems designers.

Dancers’ ways of problem-solving and approaching challenges are grounded in a future-oriented, growth mindset where value is a result of a hybrid and integrative approach continuously linking wonder and rigor. A focus on process highlighted by collaboration and perspective are key.  

WonderRigor™ is a chaordic system which requires us to be grounded in curiosity, and regularly loop in and out of improvisation, intuition and impact. Wonder is about imagining, supposing, day-dreaming and asking “What if?”; rigor is about discipline, time-on-task and structure.”  

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